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I'm Lisbeth, an international globetrotter, having lived in different countries all over the world. I'm an enthusiastic entrepreneur with several businesses behind me. I'm a creative soul, loving art and photography and practicing both.


Born in Copenhagen, I have always loved pure design, fashion, and art. After 25 years in the fashion industry, I developed my passion for photography and painting. 

I fell in love with the painting technique " Acrylic Pouring" because each painting is unique and unpredictable and perfectly matches my motto: "Every moment is unique".

I also love traveling around the world and photographing local people in their natural environment. I'm especially fond of Asia and Indochina as I find the colors, the nature, and the kindness of the people extraordinary.


Many of my artworks are for sale through my foundation " A Wish for Humanity".

We collect funds for women-led charities working for the education and protection of women and children. We sell photographs, paintings, and sculptures donated by generous artists from all over the world. Please take a look at:


If you have any questions, please contact

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March 14th -24 th  2024

Solo Exhibition in favor of " A Wish for Humanity" in favor of "Land of Hope", Nigeria

La Croix Valmer, France

September 14th-28th 2023

A mixed art exhibition in favor of "Himalayan Children", Nepal in La Croix Valmer 

February 29 thJanuary - 2nd  2023

"Women of the World"

Salon International d'art Contemporain, Paris - Porte de Versailles

A photography exhibition for " A Wish for Humanity" in favor of "Greenlamp", Ethiopia


October 2 nd-  4 th 2020

Salon International d'Art contemporain Art3f, Lyon, Halle Tony Garnier


January 31st - 2nd of Februrary 2020

Salon International d'art contemporain

Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles


September 22 nd 2019

3 rd édition  of "De Renaissance au Vieux Village" in Cogolin . From 9,30am-7pm


September 2th-15th 2019

10 th Salon International d'Art 

Forum du Casino in Hyères-les-Palmiers

Stand 58 


9th Mai - 29th Juin 2019

Domaine du Val de Gilly à Grimaud

Mai 15th-19th 2019

Symposium in La Croix Valmer

Salle Constantin


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Lisbeth Monéton

31, Boulevand Canto Cigaloun

83420 La Croix Valmer


T: + 33 6 38571512


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